Regional Cities in Finland


Welcome to our vibrant city! With its 10 000 residents, Huittinen has just the right balance of city and country life. Everyday life is smooth, all services are close by, and there are plenty of leisure options for people of all ages. Our residents appreciate being close to nature and having outdoor areas at their doorstep, while also being at the perfect intersection of highways with short distances to all major Finnish cities. Huittinen is also known for its dynamic economic life, offering diverse work and business opportunities, including being home to world-renown international companies. Watch the video greeting by Vitality Director Riikka Peippo:

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Ikaalinen is a lively city located in the south-west Finland 50 km from Tampere. It offers high-quality services, diverse leisure activities, beautiful nature, and a lively cultural environment. Ikaalinen is a bigger business city than its size, for the proximity and impact of a large economic area around Tampere creates new business opportunities, enables the growth of existing companies, and offers broad employment options. The diverse enterprise base consists of companies in a wide range of industries, such as manufacturing, trade, and services. Welcome to Ikaalinen to live, work, or run a business! For more information, please visit:


Sastamala is a vibrant city with 24 000 residents located in the south-west Finland 50 km from Tampere and 200 km from Helsinki. It offers a safe and homely living environment located in a beautiful natural setting with lakes and forests, and with excellent transport connections to all directions via road, rail, and air. Sastamala is a small yet large city offering diverse work and business opportunities as well as a wide range of services and leisure activities. It also has a strong handicraft, cultural and historic tradition, and the quality of living is high yet affordable. Sastamala is a great place to work, live, and run a business! For more info, please visit:

Interested in moving to Iisalmi?

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Welcome to Kurikka, a rural town with unparalled energy

Kurikka is the second largest municipality in South Ostrobothnia region, approx. 20 000 inhabitants. We have about 2000 companies and more than 700 farms. We are one of the top milk and beef producers in Finland! As well as in food, metal and furniture industries! Beautiful landscape of Kyrönjoki river is to enjoy. Find out more:

Kalajoki by the sea

City of Kalajoki

You will be living by the sea, surrounded by services and tranquil nature. You will work close by, and after a day at work you can reach your home and hobbies quickly. You can easily go and relax at a spa or a concert. When winter comes, you can curl up on your home sofa or head out to the ski tracks and snowy fields. Population ca. 12 400, residents from over 30 countries around the world. One of the most popular resorts, Hiekkasärkät is located in Kalajoki. Come to see yourself! We can help when you are planning to move in.

City of Kauhajoki

Kauhajoki is a town of 13 000 inhabitants located in the province of Western Finland. We have everything from excellent services to diverse hobby opportunities and charming nature. With us, you can experience modern community spirit, entrepreneurial mindset and the Nordic way of life.

Image: Naturpolis, ’A Conversation’ by Maija Koskinen.

Discover balance in Northeast Finland

Discover Northeast Finland: a captivating land of pristine nature, endless opportunities, and thriving tourism. Join our growing nature and bioeconomy industries, telework or bring your culinary skills. Embrace the work-life balance of Nordic services and enchanting wilderness. 

Nature, culture, and work opportunities harmoniously blend for a fulfilling Nordic life in Kuusamo and Taivalkoski. Kuusamo offers especially tourism and bioeconomy prospects, with Ruka providing diverse entertainment, while Taivalkoski's picturesque Iijoki River invites relaxation and adventure. Remote work possibilities keep you connected in these welcoming communities. Find your horizons, passion and success in Finland's hidden gem!


City of Raahe

Raahe is a small and vibrant city embraced by the sea and nature. It involves a strong and long-standing Age of Sails history and a modern present day, the seaside in the city centre, industrious everyday life and diverse family hobbies – and a sea breeze that blows through it all. You are warmly welcome to be part of Raahe’s vibrant life!

City of Salo

Salo is a dynamic city with a lot to offer. Its blend of technology, culture, and natural beauty makes it an attractive place to live and work. It is a city with a rich history, and it is known for its technology and innovation industries. Salo is a vibrant city that offers a high quality of life to its residents

City of Haapavesi

Haapavesi is a small town with a big heart. A town, where modern way of life meets the peace and quiet of the countryside. We are proud of our nature, clean air and pure water as well as local businesses, high quality services and plentiful leisure activities regardless of the season.

The Jakobstad Region

Here you can find work, nice neighbours and a vast selection of spare-time activities. The distances are short, and your free time is longer. We have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, vibrant multilingualism, international environment, and high-class cultural offerings. Welcome to the best place in the world!

Welcome to Järviseutu area!

Järviseutu is in the southeast corner of South-Ostrobothnia. It consists of five municipalities (Alajärvi, Evijärvi, Lappajärvi, Soini and Vimpeli). The area has approximately 20 000 inhabitants and 1800 companies. Järviseutu region is known for its metal, aluminum and steel manufacturing. The region also has know-how in wood processing and refinement. Järviseutu is a business-committed region with a beautiful nature. You are warmly welcome!

City of Kristinestad

Welcome to the most well-preserved historical wooden town in Finland. The modest seaside town is surprisingly home to some of Europe's most exciting industrial developments. The emergence of green energy solutions is creating jobs for the future. Visit our webpage for information on housing and work opportunities.

City of Nivala

Nivala is a lively town in the countryside, which is the perfect combination for nature tourism and relaxation. Traffic congestions, trams and hustle and bustle are conspicuously absent – and that’s exactly what makes Nivala an easily approachable town.

Parkano and Kihniö area, in the middle of everything. Welcome!

Parkano and Kihniö are lovely places located in Pirkanmaa. Tampere is only a 35-minute and Helsinki a two hours train trip away from Parkano railway station. They offer high-quality services, possibilities of work and education, diverse leisure activities, beautiful nature, and a lively cultural environment with their own unique characteristics. In particular, the metal and wood industry as well as the social and health sector are constantly in need of new workforce. It´s safe to live here and nature is always close. Parkano and Kihniö have several gorgeous nature attractions where both locals and tourists can enjoy themselves. They are part of the UNESCO Global Lauhanvuori-Hämeenkangas Geopark. Welcome to Parkano and Kihniö!


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City of Rauma

Come and experience easy living in Rauma! High-level services and low taxation are the strengths of our city. We want our economy to remain strong and vibrant so that our residents can safely build a life here. We who live in Rauma are extremely lucky because our rich history and city culture, Unesco World Heritage Sites and the proximity of the sea provide us with a unique living environment.

City of Savonlinna

The city of Savonlinna with its surrounding area has a justified reputation as a place where life is good – a beautiful historic setting, a strong centre for services, culture and arts at the highest level, a safe and clean environment, a flourishing business community and excellent education provision with diverse leisure activities. Its affordability, quality of life and range of services make the area attractive for new jobs and businesses.


Welcome to Savonlinna

City of Ylivieska – The regional growth centre

Ylivieska has its charm. Ylivieska is an exceptional town amongst regional towns. The studies show that it is growing and developing. Ylivieska has good resources for growth. It is active and energetic but also a safe ”small big town” as the centre of its neighbouring municipalities and as an intersection of roads and railways. Ylivieska works systematically to enable the market area of up to 100 000 inhabitants to continue growing.